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Gerald Pfeifer gerald at
Thu Jan 28 19:03:32 CST 2010

On Wed, 27 Jan 2010, Tom Wickline wrote:
> The version check fails on FreeBSD 8 even tho flex-2.5.35_3 is
> installed from ports.
> # flex --version
> flex version 2.5.4
> The version check passes on Linux and OpenSolaris but FreeBSD has a
> harder time with it.
> Gerald has a workaround for this.. Shall I call it a bug? since a
> newer version is actually installed but the version check fails.

It's not a bug in Wine or Wine's configure scripts.  What happens on
your system, or any "standard" FreeBSD system with the flex package
installed is that the default path has /usr/bin before /usr/local/bin,
so /usr/bin/flex which is 2.5.4 (as per your example) is found before,
or should I say: instead, /usr/local/bin/flex which is the good one.

> But if you download the Wine source and try to compile your out of
> luck unless you remove the version check from configure, which is what
> Ive done as a temporary fix.

Real fixes are setting your path to take /usr/local/bin before /usr/bin
or probably better setting FLEX=/usr/local/bin/flex in your environment
which tells configure and other tools to use that version of flex instead
of the one in the base system.

I would not recommend Wine trying to second guess which of several 
versions of flex on a system to use as opposed to following the common
standard of use the first instance in the search path.

I hope this makes sense?

Gerald (Jerry) Pfeifer   gerald at

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