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> Hi, I've donated some bucks to winehq by PayPal and want to spend more...


> Can I decide for which things will be spend?

The money goes to support future Wine Conference expenses. In the
past money has been given to developers to help cover their transportation
and lodging. And  toward the end of  the conference their has always been a
group meal with lots of beer. :)

 When donating money, how much of it will go to PayPal?

Is there a better way than using PayPal (by the donate link of the winehq
> front-page)?

Paypal is the easiest way, but I'm sure if you mailed a certified cheque or
money order to Jeremy
it wouldn't be rejected :)


> BTW I've done some cabinet.dll stuff some years ago.
> Can anybody give me a hint to some easy-to-understand data compression
> documentation?
> I want to complete the cabinet.dll archive creation compression,
> if I get the required knowledge. It's so difficult... :-(
> Thanks and Bye,
> Gerold
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