Why some gdi32 calls aren't caught in relay while some are caught?

Hayan Lee dis98daniel at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 13:55:23 CDT 2010

Hi, all

I found that WINEDEBUG=+relay works by dlls/ntdll/relay.c
and I'm trying to catch function call of dlls.

Wine doc says relay supports user32, ntdll, etc, but not gdi32.
However when I run wine, some gdi32 calls are caught, e.g, CreateBitmap()
But some aren't caught, e.g, CreateBitmapIndirect()

$ WINEDEBU+relay wine notepad.exe

trace:bitmap:CreateBitmapIndirect 8x8, 2 colors returning 0x220
[relay_call:12] 000d:Ret gdi32.CreateBitmap() retval=00000220 ret=68849be9

Both are gdi32 export function. Do you know why?
I want to catch all gdi32 function calls.

Thanks in advance.
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