Creating tests with additional binary modules

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Thu Jul 1 14:55:41 CDT 2010

Mariusz Pluciński <vshader at> writes:

> W dniu 1 lipca 2010 21:27 użytkownik Alexandre Julliard
> <julliard at> napisał:
>> You can't do that in the Makefile, you need to generate the files at run
>> time.
> Huh, so while executing the test, I need to run at least resources
> compiler and linker, right? It looks really more complicated way, and
> I admit that I completely don't know how to do it. Which tools
> should I use? Can I use Mingw? Can I assume that these tools are
> installed on system where test is running? Or maybe I should use
> some tools provided by wine? And, of course, how to make it working
> on Windows?

None of that, of course. The resources are built at compile time, at run
time you create a PE header and copy the needed resource data. You may
even be able to use UpdateResource to make things easier.

Alexandre Julliard
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