Changing sizes of templates in comdlg32

Gustavo gugamilare at
Fri Jul 2 12:35:10 CDT 2010

Ok, Paul, I understand. Out of curiosity, is that for compatibility
with older versions of Windows? I've never seen this problem with
Windows, it seems to have plenty space for the long texts that comes
with the Portuguese version, even 3.11.

Well, that doesn't matter, I think I can fix it without messing too
much. The only big problem is with the group "Direction" in the "Find"
and "Replace" dialogs. The words "up" and "down" are too small. I
might have to leave that in English.


2010/7/2 Paul Chitescu <paulc at>:
> On Friday 02 July 2010 12:41:25 am Gustavo wrote:
>> I've found the following warning the the file comdlg32:
>> /*
>>  */
>> Does that mean that I can't correct the size of the buttons or strings
>> that are wrong in the Portuguese template file? Or is that only a
>> warning for the English file? The "Find" and "Replace" dialogs are
>> specially ugly in Portuguese, I would appreciate to be able to change
>> that.
> Gustavo,
> Knowing the reason the warning is there will help you judge what you can and
> what you shouldn't move or resize.
> There are many apps that grow the dialog and insert their own controls at
> fixed positions. There are also some applications that disable a group of
> controls and then shrink the dialog to make them invisible.
> It is generally OK to change the dimensions of the controls a little but you
> must preserve the general layout and the size of the groups of controls. You
> must however not resize the dialog itself.
> Regards,
> Paul

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