RFC: Wine API Documentation Proposal

Peter Davies ultratwo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 13:01:06 CDT 2010

> I don't know about the 'respectability' of SF, but I'm more concerned with the content and who gets to change it.  There are folks that may decide to enter incorrect or even bogus information.  I would like it if all added information that is not already present in the Wine API be vetted.  That means one person enters it and another disassociated person verifies before it goes live.  Code already in the API should be considered automatically vetted.

I think the speed and freedom provided by wiki is more important than
vetting. Most problems would be due to vandalism (easily reverted),
people will keep an eye on Recent Changes. If the problem is
overwhelming, we will make editing privileges require a grant by an
admin on a shall issue basis. Bogus information is a non-issue, people
with sufficient knowledge to enter convincing information are not
going to be the sort to enter bogus information. Wikipedia has a high
level of accuracy despite its openness.


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