Missing romanian characters in some fonts + winetricks feature request

Octavian Voicu octavian.voicu at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 05:09:15 CDT 2010


Most fonts are missing some characters (S and T with a comma below, as
opposed to those with a cedilla; see [1] for a discussion) needed to
correctly represent some letters in the Romanian alphabet. Initially,
Windows XP did not include support for these characters, but it released an
update to fix this once Romania joined the EU. The update [2] contains the
fonts Times New Roman, Arial, Trebuchet, Verdana.

Winetricks should include a new trick to download this update and install
the 16 font files from the package. It would be nice to have something like
"corefonts w/ EU update" which would install the fixed fonts + the other
core fonts that are not included in this update. There is a small problem
caused by the casing of the filenames in this update (Times New Roman,
Arial, Verdana filenames have a different casing than the ones on SF.net),
so they should be renamed to match the original corefonts names. Also,
corefonts should not override the updated EU fonts if it detects them.

There is the general problem that most system fonts wine uses are missing
these characters, and some characters render incorrectly in dialogs. Most
notably, the find/replace dialogs in comdlg32 with ro_RO.utf8 locale are
completely broken font-wise: ă and î look bad, ț shows as a question
mark. "MS Shell Dlg" font is usually used in dialogs, but it doesn't show up
in the font selection dialog, so I'm not sure what font is actually used.

Try pasting the following text in notepad/wordpad and try various fonts to
see for yourself:

ă Ă - a with breve
â Â - a with circumflex
î Î - i with circumflex
ș Ș - s with comma
ț Ț - t with comma
ş Ş - s with cedilla (obsolete for RO)
ţ Ţ - t with cedilla (obsolete for RO)

Not sure how this issue could be fixed. Are the fonts we currently use open
source, can we edit them?



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