libs/wine: get_decomposition is not used in that file

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Jul 4 23:32:58 CDT 2010

André Hentschel <nerv at> wrote:

> --- a/libs/wine/sortkey.c
> +++ b/libs/wine/sortkey.c
> @@ -19,7 +19,6 @@
>   */
>  #include "wine/unicode.h"
> -extern int get_decomposition(WCHAR src, WCHAR *dst, unsigned int dstlen);
>  extern const unsigned int collation_table[];

There is a commented out reference to get_decomposition() in that file, so
you need to remove it as well. But better make it used, and figure out why
it was commented out in the first place.


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