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Gustavo gugamilare at
Wed Jul 7 12:08:16 CDT 2010

2010/7/7 Michael Stefaniuc <mstefani at>:
> Paul Vriens wrote:
>> On 07/07/2010 01:13 PM, Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
>>> Gustavo wrote:
>>>> Em 7 de julho de 2010 05:36, Michael Stefaniuc<mstefani at>
>>>> escreveu:
>>>>> Hello Gustavo,
>>>>> Gustavo wrote:
>>>>>> I'm approaching 100% of translation of wine to Brazilian Portuguese :D
>>>>> Cool, great job!
>>>>>> As can be seen in wine statistics, the MESSAGE #1 from
>>>>>> dlls/kernel32 in
>>>>>> Brazilian Portuguese is actually translated in European Portuguese.
>>>>>> As I
>>>>>> can see, only the "default sublanguages" languages have that file
>>>>>> translated, so it is supposed to stay that way, isn't it?
>>>>> DEFAULT. DEFAULT sublang for Portuguese is
>>>>> You can see it on
>>>>> "resource MESSAGE #1: Translation inherited from Portuguese (Neutral)"
>>>>> If the pt_BR translation of those messages is different you can copy
>>>>> to and adapt it for
>>>>> SUBLANG_PORTUGUESE_BRAZILIAN. The magic number for pt_BR is:
>>>>>   LanguageNames=(PTB=0x0116:winerr)
>>>> Ok, I understand, but wouldn't it be 0x0416? That's what it says in
>>>> locale_rc.rc:
>>>> #include "nls/ptb.nls"   /* 0x0416  LANG_PORTUGUESE,
>>> Hmm... looks that you are right:
>>> but
>>> include/winnt.h:#define SUBLANG_PORTUGUESE_BRAZILIAN       0x01
>>> I wonder if the bits 8+9 are used for something else and the SUBLANG
>>> starts at bit 10. Yepp, that is that way:
>>> include/winnt.h:#define MAKELANGID(p, s) ((((WORD)(s))<<10) | (WORD)(p))
>>> bye
>>>     michael
>> If Portuguese(Brazil) needs a separate winerr file that would also means
>> we need to change to show 0x816, not?
> Well we can change it but there is no need. Hmmm...
> I wonder if we can put part of the messages in a SUBLANG_NEUTRAL
> Portuguese file and have only the messages that differ in separate files.

I've already had problems when the strings are in the same stringtable
but part of it is in SUBLANG_PORTUGUESE (or
SUBLANG_PORTUGUESE_BRAZILIAN) and the other part is in
SUBLANG_NEUTRAL, therefore I think this is not possible.

I will change file accordingly in a separate patch after
I translate the file so it can be either committed or rejected at the
committer's will.


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