[RFC] gameux.dll partial implementation

Vincent Povirk madewokherd at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 11:46:47 CDT 2010

Overall, I don't feel this series is "ready" yet, or that it will be
ready if you address all of my comments. I'm intentionally keeping
quiet about some things because I think it will be better for you to
address them when the code freeze is over and you can send things to
wine-patches. This is mostly because I'm not very good at predicting
what will be accepted, what won't, and (most importantly) why.

+IMPORTS   = ole32 user32 kernel32 advapi32 oleaut32 msvcrt shell32

The msvcrt import looks suspicious to me, but I can't say how you
should avoid using the wtof function later.

+        skip("IGameExplorer cannot be created\n");

I believe that winetest.exe will not start the test on Windows systems
that are missing gameux.dll, so you shouldn't have to worry about this
as long as all native versions of gameux.dll contain the class.

I can't comment on the kernel32 and winnt.h patches, or the use of msxml.

+    if(GDFData->sName)              CoTaskMemFree(GDFData->sName);

You don't have to check for NULL here. CoTaskMemFree can free NULL (as
can most other free functions).

(I've only read patches 1-12 so far. My attention started to flag at
patch 13. Now I understand why Henri sends only 5 patches at a time. I
will return to this later.)

2010/7/9 Mariusz Pluciński <vshader at gmail.com>:
> Hi
> The library I was working on last weeks - gameux.dll - is now partially
> complete. IGameExplorer and IGameExplorer2 interfaces are working
> and stores data in Windows-compatible format (attached tests confirm
> it). Last two interfaces - IGameStatistics and IGameStatisticsMgr has
> initial work done, but, as their task is only read and save data files,
> it's not much work to complete them.
> Please review my code and give some feedback about it. Thanks in advance.

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