user32: Make sure that main window state is consistent during the tests.

testbot at testbot at
Mon Jul 12 03:29:46 CDT 2010


While running your changed tests on Windows, I think I found new failures.
Being a bot and all I'm not very good at pattern recognition, so I might be
wrong, but could you please double-check?
Full results can be found at

Your paranoid android.

=== W98SE (32 bit win) ===

=== WVISTAADM (32 bit win) ===
win.c:2271: Test failed: 000F0200: expected prev 000D01D8, got 003301D2
win.c:2272: Test failed: 000D01D8: expected next 000F0200, got 003301D2
win.c:2198: Test failed: 00BF01D0: expected next 00040208, got 000E01E0
win.c:2271: Test failed: 003401D2: expected prev 00110200, got 000F01E0
win.c:2272: Test failed: 00110200: expected next 003401D2, got 000F01E0

=== W2K8SE (32 bit win) ===
win.c:2271: Test failed: 000E0110: expected prev 000B0116, got 009000FC
win.c:2272: Test failed: 000B0116: expected next 000E0110, got 009000FC
win.c:2198: Test failed: 0052010E: expected next 000500F4, got 000C0114
win.c:2271: Test failed: 009100FC: expected prev 00100110, got 000D0114
win.c:2272: Test failed: 00100110: expected next 009100FC, got 000D0114

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