kernel32: Partially update the Dutch translation

Sven Baars at
Tue Jul 13 02:29:40 CDT 2010

Henri Verbeet wrote:
> On 13 July 2010 00:22, Sven Baars< at>  wrote:
>> -Te veel open bestanden
>> +Teveel open bestanden
> Actually, I think the original was more correct. AFAIK "teveel" is a noun.
True. Blame my teachers for never correcting me when I've been doing 
this wrong all my life.
>>   MessageId=102
>>   SymbolicName=ERROR_SEM_IS_SET
>>   Language=NLD
>> -Semaphore is set
>> +Semafoor is een set
> I guess it depends on the context of the message, but it would make
> more sense to me if that's the verb "set" instead of the noun. I.e.,
> as in "is in use" instead of "is a set".

Thanks Henry for taking the effort to check everything!


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