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Luke Benstead kazade at
Fri Jul 16 05:26:30 CDT 2010

> > - Misha; I told him tests were ok to submit during a code freeze; this is
> true,
> > given that Alexandre accepted tests as last as last Friday.  I should
> have
> > told him that tests which add stubs probably aren't ok, but he learned
> > that as soon as he submitted.
> >
> > so that seems fine.
> >
> From the look of things Misha will be ok, but I imagine he would have
> been anyway.
> But there are also cases like e.g.
> where you completely
> miss the real issues in the patch, and instead recommend referring to
> a bug number in the commit log,

Probably not my place to wade in here, but that's not true, he didn't
mention the commit log:

"Be sure to mention in the post that it fixes"

I'm pretty sure he meant in the email when he emails wine-patches rather
than in the commit log.

I've got to say Henri, I think you are being a little unfair here. Yes,
possibly Dan has given flawed advice in the past, but it's nothing that a
private email or chat on IRC wouldn't have solved.

Launching into a tirade against him publically isn't helping anything, all
these instances are Dan trying to help out, quite obviously not to be
"insidious" or to harm the project.

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