Post-release plans

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Fri Jul 16 13:22:39 CDT 2010


First I want to thank everybody for your great work of the past two
years. I'm very happy with what we have achieved with 1.2 (even if we
didn't manage to get the regression numbers down ;-) You should all go
out and have a drink to celebrate.

Code freeze is of course lifted now, so once you have recovered from
your hangover you can go wild with patches again. Please resubmit any
patch that was marked deferred (rebased to the current tip of course).
Releases will be made from the 1.3.x development branch every two weeks
as usual.

The 'stable' git branch has been reset to point to 1.2. Fixes can be
nominated for cherry-picking to the stable branch by setting the '1.2.x'
milestone in bugzilla. Please only nominate bugs that are already fixed
in the tip and that contain the sha1 of the corresponding commit. There
will be a 1.2.1 release in a couple of months. There may be further
stable releases if enough fixes can be still be cherry-picked cleanly to
make it worth it.

Bugs that are currently on the 1.2 milestone should not be automatically
carried forward to the 1.4 milestone. We'll want to reevaluate which
bugs are really important for 1.4, based on the release criteria once
these are defined. But of course fixing the remaining 1.2-nominated bugs
is still allowed...

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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