Administrative privileges and running tests under Windows

Mariusz Pluciński vshader at
Fri Jul 16 14:02:02 CDT 2010

W dniu 16.07.2010 19:59, Reece Dunn pisze:
> Use broken() to denote the administrator case --
>      ok(hr == S_OK || broken(hr == E_ACCESSDENIED) /* non-Admin user
> */, IGameExplorer_AddGame(...));
> This means that E_ACCESSDENIED is a valid case on Windows, but not on Wine.
> - Reece
Yes, I know how broken() works, but there are two problems with it:

First problem, is that this is not what I want to do. I did not wrote
about it in previous mail, but I do a little more than only calling
this procedure. In details, this routine writes some data into registry
and after call I check these data. These data depends on the parameter
I described before (installScope). The problem is that I can run these
tests on Windows, manually selecting permission level (and they behave
as I described before), and they behave as I expected (I described how
this routine behaves on several cases). I hope that making it able to
run on Windows will let me to be sure that data produced by my library
are identical like this created by Windows' one.

Second problem is that I cannot simply compare result with some
ACCESSDENIED error code, cause this routine simply does not return it.
Instead, when the "access denied" occurs, it returns E_FAIL, as in
almost every other problem. And I cannot do broken(hr==E_FAIL), because
then test will be always passed on Windows, even if completely other
problem occurs. So, even if I give up with checking data, broken() won't
work here.

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