kernel32: add a test for CreateFileA()

Nikolay Sivov nsivov at
Sun Jul 18 01:24:29 CDT 2010

  On 7/18/2010 10:17, Austin English wrote:
> Passed all the vm's on wtb.
Hi, Austin. This looks strange:

> +
> +    ok(GetLastError() == ERROR_INVALID_NAME || broken(GetLastError() == ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) || broken(GetLastError() == ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND),
> +       "CreateFileA should have returned ERROR_INVALID_NAME on %s, but got %u\n", filename, GetLastError());
> +    CloseHandle( hFile );
If a call failed then you should test for null hFile I suppose and 
remove CloseHandle().  Also when testing for last error a common rule is 
to set it first before the call.

Does anything depend on this having 3 possible return values?

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