My sincerest sincerest apologies

Misha Koshelev misha680 at
Mon Jul 19 18:50:47 CDT 2010

Dear All:

I am very very sorry for the spam I have created via my testbot failures. I
have struggled quite a bit merging my git repository with upstream Wine

In fact, when I generated individual patches using git-format-patch from my
GitHub repository and then used git-am on the corresponding single files,
the patches applied successfully. In fact, I just tried this and they still

However, for some reason, when I generate a patchset to stdout with
git-format-patch rather than individual patches, and then use git-am to
apply the resulting file to wine-git, the patches no longer apply.

I will investigate this further. Additionally, as I seem to find proper
patch difficult at the moment, and have now acquired a winetestbot account,
I will, in the future, run my patches through testbot first until I am able
to work out the process.

Further, I have made some edits regarding merging with GitHub at:

I will update these comments as I figure out why I was not able to
rebase/merge successfully.

In any case, I appreciate very much your patience with me as I work these
git issues out, and hope that my documentation of my experiences on the Wiki
will, in the future, help others who may want to contribute to Wine during a
code freeze and do so through the GitHub system.

Thank you and my sincerest apologies.


P.s. I am looking very much forward to finally meeting some of you at
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