Quick legal question... teapot related

Dan McDonald dan at wellkeeper.com
Tue Jul 20 08:52:24 CDT 2010

On 07/20/2010 06:44 AM, Misha Koshelev wrote:
> If I take a publicly available teaset:
> http://www.sjbaker.org/teapot/teaset.tgz
> And run it through a Microsoft function:
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb205470%28v=VS.85%29.aspx
> D3DXTesselateRectPatch for example
> And then copy the vertex buffer and index buffer and save them...
> Do I have the rights to use the vertex and index buffers?
> I am assuming yes... but wanted to double check first.

I would think that the output of the function does not pass the
threshold of originality requirement in U.S. copyright law. We will see
what the higher powers decide.


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