Peter Urbanec winehq.org at urbanec.net
Wed Jul 21 09:12:37 CDT 2010

  On 20/07/10 04:54, Ian Macfarlane wrote:
> Following the question as to how to implement D3DXCreateTeapot, might 
> I suggest making it in the form of a wine glass?
> Given that is unlikely to negatively affect anything (indeed the 
> entire method does border on the ridiculous) I think it would make a 
> nice hidden touch.

The geometrical properties of a wine glass and the teapot are 
sufficiently different that I would argue against that. For starters, a 
teapot is not symmetrical, like a wine glass would be. The handle of the 
teapot also creates a topological feature that is not present in a wine 

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