[PATCH 01/11] d3d10: Add the ID3D10Blob interface.

Matteo Bruni matteo.mystral at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 14:21:04 CDT 2010

Hello Rico,
from d3d10misc.h of latest DirectX SDK:

// ID3D10Blob has been made version-neutral and moved to d3dcommon.h.

d3dcommon.h seems to be an idl-generated header. From what I can see
up to now, only your first patch is "wrong", the rest just needs to be
fixed to include d3dcommon.h where needed.
Now, I wrote an ID3D10Blob implementation too, it's almost exactly the
same as yours (or, to be fair, both are mostly a copy, paste and
replace of D3DXBuffer), but I defined the ID3D10Blob interface as
latest SDK while you implemented some more things. My plan at this
point is: I'll send in a bit a patch adding d3dcommon.idl with the
relevant definitions, then you can rebase and adjust your patches on
top of it. Does it sound good?


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