Advice about a new project, and similarity to Wine's start

Alessandro Pignotti alex.pigna at
Sat Jun 5 13:35:05 CDT 2010

Hi everyone,

first of all congratulations. The current maturity of Wine is really, really 
impressive. Thanks for your work.

Let's introduce myself, I'm the author of the Lightspark project 
( a modern, open source, flash player implementation. 
The project is currently in a very good shape, featuring scripting support, a 
JIT compiler and OpenGL accelerated rendering. But, although the core VM is 
mostly complete, a huge part of the runtime library is still missing. I'm 
asking advice here because this is probably a condition similar to the one 
faced by early Wine developers.

I'm currently pretty confused about the roadmap of my project. Although some 
interest gathered after the announcement of the 0.3.0 release and some bug 
reports appeared I've not yet managed to gather the needed community feedback. 
Moreover, beside supporting the most popular flash applications (e.g. YouTube, 
which is mostly supported), I've no idea about what to do later and how to 
prioritize features.

So my question is: how did Wine choose the feature set to support first? Did 
people use the early releases of Wine, even if they were missing features? Is 
the AppDB software available for use on other projects? Any misc advice?

Thanks a lot for your help. and sorry for the quite OT message,
Alessandro Pignotti
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