Advice about a new project, and similarity to Wine's start

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Jun 5 16:23:02 CDT 2010

Alessandro Pignotti wrote:
> how did Wine choose the feature set to support first?

Pragmatically - by trying to get particular popular apps running.
(Starting with solitaire :-)

> Did people use the early releases of Wine, even if they were missing features?

Yes, as soon as they ran their favorite app.

So in your case, as soon as your flash player can handle
(or whatever free software afficianados can't live without), a
few people will start using it.

> Is the AppDB software available for use on other projects?

Should be.

> Any misc advice?

The Wine project started moving faster when we switched to
test-driven development.  I highly recommend it.  Do you
have a test suite?  And/or can you share existing test suites
( e.g. ) ?

That said, visual stuff is hard to test automatically, so mostly our
automated tests only test the API level.  Visual tests are
done manually and much less often (say, only when changing
directly affected code).

Automated performance benchmarks are a good idea,
though we haven't done as much of that.

Good luck!
- Dan

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