Gecko64 status

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Sun Jun 6 12:35:33 CDT 2010

Hi Jacek,

> However, it doesn't mean that nothing is going on around Wine Gecko. I've
> recently switched to mingw-w64 for 32-bit builds. I've very pleased with it.
> They are far better in co-operation, don't have senseless politics like
> mingw and their quality of headers and libraries is far better.

Great news!  This has been a senseless stumbling block for some time.
I'm looking forward to the ability to build wine-gecko.

> Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.

One suggestion is that bugs get logged about test failures on Wine
wherever possible.  Dan has done that for the chromium test suite, and
that's led to several bugs getting converted to Wine regression tests,
and even a few fixes ;-)


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