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Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Mon Jun 7 02:38:39 CDT 2010

Hi Jacek,

2010/6/5 Jacek Caban <jacek at>:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to share with you progress on gecko64. First of all, I think that
> it was never said in public, although I've been asked about it: there won't
> be gecko64 for 1.2 release. I think we will have Gecko release in the second
> half of this year it will support 64-bit, but it's not yet clear when
> exactly. We may try to do it near the next Firefox release, but time will
> show how it will work.
> However, it doesn't mean that nothing is going on around Wine Gecko. I've
> recently switched to mingw-w64 for 32-bit builds. I've very pleased with it.
> They are far better in co-operation, don't have senseless politics like
> mingw and their quality of headers and libraries is far better. We won't
> need to maintain fixes to build envinonment anymore. (I've been even talking
> about better co-operation between our projects, but that's OT here and I
> will report progress when there will be more to say). We're much nearer to
> allow packagers to build their own Gecko now.
> Back to gecko64, I've completed the first step. I have a working 64-bit
> Firefox crosscompiled with mingw-w64. See:
> for details. It starts and runs on Windows. Now I wait for patches to be
> committed to Mozilla. It may take awhile :/ Before we may think about
> support for gecko64 in MSHTML, we have to fix its issues in Wine.  Firefox
> is a good Gecko test and it needs to be fixed first. Unfortunately it
> currently doesn't even start. I've put a build on server in case anyone
> would like to try it:
> Volunteers on working on Wine side are very welcomed. There are also some
> other tests from Mozilla code. Note that before fixing any more
> sophisticated bug, it's worth to make sure on Windows, that the bug is in
> Wine, not in the build. All I verified is that Firefox should start and
> basic functionality works (and doesn't work on Wine).

I cannot find it the reference for it at the moment, but I remember
that by default the stack is in memory < 4gb on 64-bits too, unless
you did something. I wish I could remember how you could override the
behavior, but this could be why it won't run in wine, but will in

For a stack variable:

&a = 0x7F9E9381FCDC
&a = 0x22FE7C
&a = 0x28FF44


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