wine in the news in spain

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Jun 9 02:49:08 CDT 2010

Saw this just now:
"Zaragoza's move to complete open source desktop going to plan
by Gijs Hillenius — published on Jun 08, 2010
The move by the city of Zaragoza to an open source desktop is making
good progress. All of the city's civil servants now use open source
tools including Thunderbird, VLC, Firefox and OpenOffice. And this
year some seven hundred of the city's 2800 desktop PCs will have seen
their proprietary operating system replaced by the Linux open source
"It is not possible to move all applications to the open source
platform. For example tools for Computer Aided Design and Optical
Character Recognition, can't be replaced by open source alternatives.
But proprietary and open source software can live together. And if we
really can't find an open source option, we resort to Virtualbox and
Wine to provide users their proprietary application."

Their web site does mention a bit about wine, too: (autotranslated):

How we use WINE
Microsoft Access: Access we have hundreds of applications that lack of
time and means we can not migrate to an Open Source environment. WINE
can emulate many of them even though the code should be reviewed,
compiled and compacted again. A particular case is still unresolved
are the Access applications that generate a mail merge with Word

OCR: for now we have not found an efficient alternative to the use of
OCR software that "emulate" Windows OCR software with WINE

Transactional environment: the client for our transactional
environment is old and only works for Windows environments so that the
use of WINE has been indispensable

In contrast we must also say that some applications could not be
emulated with WINE as Presto or Nokia PC Suite. So far WINE has not
been useful to emulate CAD applications.

In conclusion we can say that WINE is a useful tool in some cases and
allows us to move forward in the migration to Open Source environment
as alternatives to proprietary software are available and the height
of these."

Hmm, I wonder what "Presto" is, and which CAD suites they use.
- Dan

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