How to change text on ?

Marco Meijer marco at
Wed Jun 9 08:28:29 CDT 2010

Hi WineDevs,

I made the patch to change the text on winehq and sent it to wine-patches but still no change.
Do I have to do something else ?

link to patch:

kind regards,

Marco Meijer

Op 6-5-10 17:57, James Mckenzie schreef:
>> Hi WineDevs,
>> If make the packages for mandriva on sourceforge. And the text on the
>> download page on the website (winehq,org) for mandriva is getting old.
>> Who can I write a mail to change the text ? I already tried web-admin ad
>> some weeks ago but no reaction so far.
> The source code for winehq is available.  You then make the changes you feel are necessary to the source code, create a difference file and submit this to wine-patches.
> Are you familiar with this process?
> James McKenzie

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