Three year sever outstanding bug requiring minor fix

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Wed Jun 9 13:00:16 CDT 2010

velociraptor Genjix <aphidia at> wrote at Jun 9, 2010 8:52 AM
>Please look into this issue,
>It seems like a fairly trivial fix which renders this application useless. A detailed
>description of the implementation needed is provided in that ticket.

If it were a 'trival' fix, it would have been a long time ago.  Something that looks, on the surface, to be simple, maybe very complex.  For instance, I have been working on a fix for one function in the richedit area has taken over four years.  

Now as to your concern, tough.  This project, for the most part is volunteer.  So, if you want it fixed, do it yourself or find someone who can.  Otherwise, you'll have to wait for someone to come by, find this interesting and then fix it.  There is a part of the project that is paid, and they work for a company called CodeWeavers.  Maybe they have found a fix and incorporated it into their product line.  That you'll have to pay for.

Remember, we fix things as WE find the time and the incorporation process is very strict.  This takes time and some folks will pick up a project, only to set it down because they become busy with other things in life or they just don't have the tenancity to see it through.

James McKenzie

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