gameux.dll implementation stub

Rico Schüller kgbricola at
Wed Jun 9 14:56:08 CDT 2010

Am 08.06.2010 12:56, schrieb Mariusz Pluciński:
> Hello
> As you maybe know, I'm working on implementation of Game Explorer in
> the Google Summer of Code. Main part of my work is now implementing
> gaming APIs stored in gameux.dll library. I already sent patches
> with headers, and I'm currently in the stage when stubs are ready to
> start real implementation.
> Unfortunately (for me) Wine is now in freeze stage, so I can't send
> patches with new library to wine-patches. Instead, Vincent Povirk
> suggested me to send them here to get feedback. It's very important
> to me to know is my way of implementation valid, cause changing
> something now is probably easier than modifying it in future.
> Attached patches creates initial implementation of gameux library,
> adds implementation of IClassFactory interface and stubs of
> four interfaces' implementations: IGameExplorer, IGameExplorer2,
> IGameStatistics and IGameStatisticsMgr. They also add initial
> tests for each interface. Each test now checks behavior of
> CoCreateInstance function while trying to create given interface.
> To create library, I used parts of code created by Alistair
> Leslie-Hughes, attached by him to bug 21261.
> Thanks in advance
Hi Mariusz,

It looks like you are mixing tabs and spaces. I guess spaces are always 
preferred, since tabs could be equal to 4 or 8 spaces (or any other 
value), which could make the code less readable.


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