resources: Convert Polish resources to UTF8.

Paul Vriens at
Fri Jun 11 01:56:10 CDT 2010

On 06/11/2010 08:38 AM, Frédéric Delanoy wrote:
> 2010/6/11 Dmitry Timoshkov<dmitry at>:
>> Frédéric Delanoy<frederic.delanoy at>  wrote:
>>> I see this patch has been "Rejected" in
>>>, but I just wondered why:
>>> - are the UTF8 resources not preferred over custom codepages?
>>> - or is the patch simply too big to review? Splitting into many tiny
>>> patches seemed a bit overkill for such a simple change, no?
>>> Or maybe is it simply because Polish translations is still in
>>> progress, and it can/will cause conflict?
>> There is no point in just converting the translations. If you update
>> a translation, and simulataneously convert it - that's OK.
>> --
>> Dmitry.
> Well, I proposed Łukasz to use UTF8 (since it appeared to be the new
> standard charset) while he was updating Polish translations, but since
> he wasn't too comfortable with the process, I offered to do it myself,
> so wrote a script to check/convert files (and he tested the result).
> I could give him the script so he can use it when he updates a file,
> but I don't see the added value not to do it directly.
> I don't see the problem with converting files without updating a
> single translation: is it so regression-prone?
> Frédéric

I talked to Alexandre about this the other day and he also said that we 
shouldn't convert the existing files to UTF-8.

Post 1.2 we would most likely go with po files for the translations 
themselves and at that point everything would become UTF-8.



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