Three year sever outstanding bug requiring minor fix

Stephen Eilert spedrosa at
Fri Jun 11 07:31:28 CDT 2010

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 12:52 PM, velociraptor Genjix
<aphidia at> wrote:
> Hey,
> Please look into this issue,
> It seems like a fairly trivial fix which renders this application useless. A
> detailed description of the implementation needed is provided in that
> ticket.
> Thank you


I fail to see how you can find the fix "easy". I've read the problem
description and it doesn't appear to be easy at all.

How is Wine supposed to support transparent windows? With Compiz? With
the Composite extension? How to check for them? What if they are not

Yes, one could just set the appropriate xatom flags and be done with
it, but if a compositing window manager is not present it won't do

Also, I am not sure about the click through flag, that would require
some spelunking to find out how wine supports it, if at all.

All in all, it doesn't appear to be trivial. It doesn't even have a
proposed patch!

Repeating assertions in the bug report and the mailing list is a good
way to annoy people.

One thing that you should understand is that "widely wanted features"
mean exactly nothing. Being "widely wanted" won't make the feature
easier to implement, test or integrate.

You could offer a business proposition to CodeWeavers or Transgaming,
for them to implement a feature, offer a bounty, code it yourself or
even pay someone you know to do it for you. You could even work with
other people in UK who like playing poker to pool the resources for
such task.

That would be more productive.

-- Stephen

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