Two enhancement requests for winetricks

Jan Hoogenraad jan-winehq at
Sat Jun 12 00:30:04 CDT 2010

I can not yet see how the lowest common denominator end-user can use 
this transparently (i.e. for example from the Ubuntu user interface shell).
Just clicking on an installation CD puts everything into ~/.wine.
I guess in some instances (e.g. installing add-ons or updates on 
programs) one needs interaction.
Can wine handle multiple instances of the server for the different 
directories, when applications from different start directories are 
running in parallel ?

If this is not the officially documented, I think one cannot expect an 
end-user to do this.

Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at wrote:
> Hi,
> Jan Hoogenraad wrote:
>> Each debugging request for wine states that I should remove all winetricks.
> AppDB should request something similar: minimal use of winetricks.
>> However I have no way to tell, and no way to safely remove them.
> IMHO one solution to your problem is to learn to use different .wine prefixes.
> Both developers and AppDB users want a repeatable process to make the
> app run (or crash).  If you install all your software into a single
> .wine hierarchy (like you'd do on MS-Windows), then you cannot tell
> anyone what you did to make the app work in Wine.  All you have is "I
> started with Wine-0.9.48, upgraded to wine-1.1.6 at some time, now to
> wine-1.2rc2, used "winetricks X" and Y, perhaps I used "winetricks
> directx" but I can't remember for sure, I installed apps A, B and C
> (they may have installed more components) and I edited the registry a
> few times.  Given all that, app Z works fine in on my machine."
> This is a mess much like a typical MS-Windows installation.
> With Wine, you can do better than that.
> What people want to hear from you is as follows:
>  - Create a fresh .wine prefix with wine-X.Y;
>  - Install Indeo Video codecs via "winetricks indeo" because I found out
>    that the app expects them but does not install them itself;
>  - Install the app from CD;
>  - From a DirectX install into a separate .wine-* prefix,
>    solely copy d3dx9_36.dll into system32/ (or the app's directory)
>  - Change setting Y in winecfg, e.g. native d3dx9_36;
>  - App Z works (or crashes like that ...).
> That is a minimal instruction set.
> I have like a dozen .wine-* directory hierarchies. I never use .wine
> itself except for regression testing, such that I can rm -rf ~/.wine
> and create a fresh one at any time.
> That's why I don't need an uninstaller. rm -rf ~/.wine-xyz or
> rm -rf ~/wineapps/... *is* the uninstaller (.wine-xyz/drive_c/Programs/Apps/
> symlinks to $HOME/wineapps such that the apps live independently on a particular .wine prefix).
> Regards,
> 	Jörg Höhle

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