Anotated 'make test' log

Max TenEyck Woodbury max at
Sat Jun 12 19:26:13 CDT 2010

I'm trying to get a start on helping with wine development. I'm still in 
the process of reading the developer's guide, and I think I am making 
progress on that. As a test of my understanding, I started to annotate 
the output of 'make -k test'. I'd like your opinion on the usefulness of 
this. A few reservations:
* I started from the top of the log. If I continue, I will be selecting
   sections that I find interesting.
* I am not going to produce patches until someone says that the
   annotations are going in the right direction. This will change when I
   become more familiar with the community's opinion of my efforts.

../../../tools/runtest -q -P wine -M advapi32.dll -T ../../.. -p cred.c && touch cred.ok

  Note: This test is expected to produce 2 error reports

  call is pCredReadA(TEST_TARGET_NAME, -1, 0, &cred)
   implementation at dll/advavi32/cred.c - CredReadA
   parameter names: TargetName, Type, Flags, *Credentials
   conversion to CreadReadW
   implementation at same - CredReadW
fixme:cred:CredReadW unhandled type -1
   Convert 'if (Type != CRED_TYPE_GENERIC && Type != 
   to a switch(case?) with all known types enumerated. Put unimplemented 
   at the end with a 'fixup' then fall through to the default case which 
   the error code and fails.
  Note: In other words, don't request fixup for improper type codes.

  call is pCredReadA(TEST_TARGET_NAME, CRED_TYPE_GENERIC, 0xdeadbeef, &cred)
   see above for details
fixme:cred:CredReadW unhandled flags 0xdeadbeef
   Get a list of all known flags. Build a mask for all of them. Check 
for any
   unknown flags set and issue a warning if there are any. Build a mask 
of all
   implemented flags (currently none) and issue a fixme if any of those are
  Note: In other words, don't request fixup for undefined flags set.
   Should this be an failure exit? Alternatively, should there be a list of
   flags that, if set trigger a failure exit?
  Note: Only fail if the flags indicate an option that can not be ignored.

  Note: No sucess tests.
  Note: Possible memory leak of returned credentials buffers?

  call is pCredWriteA(&new_cred, 0)
   implementation at same - CredWriteA
   parameter names: Credential, Flags
   new_cred.UserName = 'winetest'
   new_cred.TargetName = TEST_TARGET_NAME
   conversion to CredWriteW
   implementation at same - CredWriteW
err:cred:CredWriteW bad username L"winetest"
  Note: This is an expected error.
  Note: Should it mention 'syntax' since it is checking for \ and @?

  Note: No bad flags test - Fixup per CredReadW above.
  Note: No bad type test - Fixup per CredReadW above.

  call is pCredWriteA(&new_cred, 0)
   see above for details.
   new_cred.UserName = NULL
err:cred:CredWriteW bad username (null)
  Note: This is an expected error.

  Note: No sucess tests.
  Note: Possible memory leak of returned credentials buffers?

  call is pCredDeleteA(TEST_TARGET_NAME, -1, 0)
   implementation at same - CredDeleteA
   parameter names:  TargetName, Type, Flags
   conversion to CredDeleteW
fixme:cred:CredDeleteW unhandled type -1
   Fixup: see CredReadA above

  call is pCredDeleteA(TEST_TARGET_NAME, CRED_TYPE_GENERIC, 0xdeadbeef)
   se above for details.
fixme:cred:CredDeleteW unhandled flags 0xdeadbeef
  fixup: see CreadReadA above

  Note: No sucess tests.

  Note: Test order is questionable. A better order would be Write, Read then
   Delete with tests that are expected to succeed added.

  call is pCredReadDomainCredentialsA(&info, 0, &count, &creds
   implementation at same - CredReadDomainCredentialsA
   parameter names: TargetInformation, Flags, *Size, **Credentials
   conversion to CredReadDomainCredentialsW
fixme:cred:CredReadDomainCredentialsW (0x15ddf8, 0x0, 0x33fd18, 
0x33fc4c) stub
  Fixup: No suggestion

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