Two enhancement requests for winetricks

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Mon Jun 14 22:10:48 CDT 2010

Jan Hoogenraad wrote:
> James Mckenzie wrote:
>> Jan Hoogenraad <jan-winehq at> Jun 14, 2010 8:05 AM wrote:
>>> OK. New version of the script: it also finds uppercase filename 
>>> matches.
>>> It also removed:
>>>   131072 1999-01-15 04:37 system32/MAPISTUB.DLL
>>>    70656 2008-10-06 23:30 system32/MSVCIRT.DLL
>>>   326656 2008-10-06 23:30 system32/MSVCRT40.DLL
>>>   492304 2008-10-06 23:30 system32/OLEAUT32.DLL
>> These are the files that Wine creates.  You may have broken your Wine 
>> install now.
>> OLEAUT32.DLL contains partial code that links to a file 
>> in the /usr/lib directory (or the file should be there.)
>> James McKenzie
> Mind the timestamps & sizes. In this case, these files were installed 
> with the installation of an application or winetricks.
> I am now trying to get rid of as much of this old stuff, in order to 
> be as much wine as possible.
You are correct.  Just be very careful and not remove any of the 'fake' 
dlls inserted by Wine.  One cannot be TOO careful!

Thank you for pointing out the dates and times.  

This looks like more VB6 run time 'stuff'.   Interesting that to 
OLEAUT32.DLL file installed.

James McKenzie

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