Anotated 'make test' log

Max TenEyck Woodbury max at
Tue Jun 15 00:16:01 CDT 2010

Thank you Dan.

 > What problem are you trying to solve?

Curing my ignorance and rebuild my self-confidence. :)

 > I gather you're just plowing through the output of 'make test',
 > looking at each bit of noise, and trying to figure out a way
 > to improve the tests?

Sort of. I needed a place to start, so I started at the top of
the log. I expect that to change once I become more sure that I
have the mechanics correct.

There are several things I'm trying to do. First is to find
the place where each 'bit of noise' is generated. I seem to be
doing that right. Then I look at why the noise was generated and
to show that I've understood why, I wrote a note on how the
'noise' could be turned off without changing the test. I
labelled these 'fixup:'. I then looked at the test code and
added 'Note:'s where I thought the test could be improved.

 > While that's a noble quest, and I'd like to encourage people
 > to improve the tests, it might be more productive to do so
 > around areas of pain for users.

 > For instance, you could look at bugs in bugzilla that have
 > patches attached that aren't committed yet because tests are
 > needed, and write those tests.
 > - Dan

That sounds useful. I also have a few issues I'd like fixed
too. However, it's been more than five years since I've done
serious coding; things happened that destroyed my
self-confidence. A little reassurance that I am not crazy and
have the social skills needed to contribute to the community
are what I need at the moment.

- Max

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