Anotated 'make test' log

Max TenEyck Woodbury max at
Tue Jun 15 11:01:09 CDT 2010

Dan wrote:
 > OK.  I'd suggest starting by looking at
 > "Wine logs too verbose, quieter fixme's needed" and sending
 > in a patch to make one of the overly-verbose fixme's a bit
 > quieter.

Thanks. I'll look at it.

 > Also, check your mail system; I can't email to you directly,
 > it bounces.  And that's going to be a problem communicating
 > with other developers.

A system disk failed this past weekend and I've been trying to
get everything back up. I got test messages through starting
about two hours ago. I've been checking the mailing list
archive. (Yes, messages do not get properly threaded that way.)
I'm also in the process of reinstalling much software. That
machine is not very fast...

- Max

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