Anotated 'make test' log

Max TenEyck Woodbury max at
Wed Jun 16 06:34:33 CDT 2010

> Dan wrote:
>> OK. I'd suggest starting by looking at
>> "Wine logs too verbose, quieter fixme's needed" and sending
>> in a patch to make one of the overly-verbose fixme's a bit
>> quieter.
> Thanks. I'll look at it.

Summary: Wine logs too verbose, quieter fixme's needed

The bug report contains, among other things, this suggestion:

> One thing we've done in the past is added a check to only
 > print the fixme the first time it's hit. This is probably the
 > way to go.
> I took a look at this one, but it seems there's a
 > WINE_SPI_FIXME macro in there, which makes it a bit harder to
 > fix.

Which suggests to me that the macro(s) could be modified to:
1. Use a local code block to declare a static flag variable.
2. Check that variable for zero (the default initial value IIUC)
3. and if it is zero, set the flag non-zero and print the message.

There is a short race where different threads might see the zero
value. If that happens, the message would be printed more than
once. I believe that is acceptable because the alternate is to
create a critical section, which is over-kill.

That would limit ALL fixme's to one printing. The bug report
mentioned variable information that might be included but implied
that any such information is more properly included in a 'trace'.

- Max

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