Help with simple winelib dll

Seth Burleigh wburle at
Wed Jun 16 21:52:27 CDT 2010

OK, so i have the dll built. However, it doesn't seem to be able to
open. Let me explain, im using it in metatrader and so all im doing is
moving the (and renamed it to MyWin.dll) to its libraries folder
and  doing an import statement in mql4. However, i then get a system
error 'Cannot load MyWin.dll (error 126)'. Ive looked it up and that
means 'The specified module could not be found' However, when checking
its dependencies using ldd MyWin.dll, it says it has found all
dependencies. So, is there something i need to do to register the dll so
that it can be loaded properly? 

Im assuming metatrader is using a dynamic loading scheme, though i don't
really know.

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