Anotated 'make test' log

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Wed Jun 16 21:54:46 CDT 2010

Dan Kegel wrote:
> Max wrote:
>> [Maybe we should modify FIXME itself to only print out once.]
> That's worth discussing, but changing FIXME itself might be going a
> bit too far during the current code freeze.
> You could try adding a FIXME_ONCE macro, though, and use it to quiet
> some particular message that really gets in the way of (i.e. slows down)
> a real application.

I've run into this with the fixme's in richedit many times.  I've seen 
screen 'studdering' and really don't know where the fixme belongs in my 
use/test of several programs over the last few days.  I will have time 
this weekend to look further into a couple of regressions (hopefully we 
will see one more cycle before Wine 1.2 is released) and possibly be 
able to fix or point out a fix to at least one of them.

James McKenzie

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