The __WINE__ macro does not identify the Wine platform

Alan W. Irwin irwin at
Thu Jun 17 15:56:17 CDT 2010

According to some old discussion
( on
wine-devel it appears that __WINE__ was going to be the macro used to
identify the Wine platform,

However, that doesn't appear to work for Windows native MinGW on wine.

To show this, I attach results from running

wine gcc -E -dM foo.c >| /tmp/wine_gcc_dM.out

where foo.c is an empty file, and gcc is the MinGW 4.5.0-1 version. The
equivalent command under Linux gcc shows several macros, (e.g., __linux__)
are defined to identify that platform, but I cannot find anything in the
attached file that similarly identifies the Wine platform.  Furthermore, I
have compiled and run a simple test code under Wine that shows that __WINE__
is not available (see previous post on wine-users for details).

An excellent general motivation for such an identifying macro for wine is
given in the above older wine-devel discussion, and I understand the CMake
developers have an immediate use for such a macro within the CMake code

Is the lack of a macro to identify the wine platform a bug I should report
or am I missing something?

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