usp10/tests: having numbers in the ScriptStringXtoCP tests causes unpredictable behavior

Aric Stewart aric at
Thu Jun 17 16:31:41 CDT 2010

lats wrote:
> When does this unpredictability occur?  The tests have always run ok for 
> me.

The issue appears to be, and I am still investigating, sometimes usp10 
will reorder the numbers differently. It appears to have to do with if 
windows and hdcs are repeatedly created and destroyed and cannot 
generally be recreated reliably.  But if you look at earlier test runs 
you can see how the occasional machine was reporting ordering errors.

They are still appearing on some machines so I am trying to continue to 
understand this, but removing the number greatly increased the 
reliability of the test.

I have a modified test that demonstrates the issue. (loops and it does 
an Enum fonts and then then ScriptStringXtoCP test for each font. In the 
whole set of fonts looped 3-4 times machines will demonstrate this 
unreliability a few times)  If you are interested in this modified test 
I can send you the patch.


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