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Gustavo gugamilare at
Thu Jun 17 16:48:40 CDT 2010

Sorry, forgot to CC.

2010/6/17 André Hentschel <nerv at>

> Try editing the rc files directly, it is not that hard.
> also you might want to change some sizes(when text is wrapped in your
> rebuild version of winecfg), that is also done in the rc files...
> --
> Best Regards, André Hentschel

No that you mentioned it, it looks like po2rc is buggy as well. The entries
in the .rc file generated sometimes are repeated.

For example:

    GROUPBOX    " &Resolução da Tela ",IDC_STATIC,8,95,244,49

    GROUPBOX    " &Resolução da Tela ",IDC_STATIC,8,151,244,63

While it should actually be

    GROUPBOX    " Direct3D ",IDC_STATIC,8,95,244,49

    GROUPBOX    " &Resolução da Tela ",IDC_STATIC,8,151,244,63

I double checked the .po file, and it translates Direct3D as Direct3D.

I'll edit the .rc files directly :/

Em 17 de junho de 2010 18:12, Michael Stefaniuc <mstefani at>escreveu:

> Hello Gustavo,
> If you prefer PO files please let Paul and I know and we can try (there are
> other bugs in rc2po) to provide them to you.

Well, nevermind, I can edit .rc files directly.

I've already finished translating the winecfg, now I'm going to test it.
I'll send the patches once I'm done.
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