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Thu Jun 17 18:22:28 CDT 2010

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: Juan Lang <juan.lang at> writes:
: > I don't understand why you would want to create multiple
: > "translations" when their content is identical.  If it's because the
: > statistics you're generating claim a particular variant of English is
: > incomplete, then you should fix the tool you're using to generate the
: > statistics:  unless there's an actual difference between American
: > English and the variant, there's no need for a translation.
: The title is different, but I don't think that such minor spelling
: differences justify having 4 copies of every resource. I'd suggest
: waiting for po files support.

But isn't that the point of SUBLANGs in the first place?  All SUBLANGs will
have minor differences.

I was also told no translation would be wasted.

Minor or not, spelling things correctly would be nice.  People over here
can't spell as it is.

How soon are we going to see PO file support?  PO files are definitely
easier and smaller, and nicer.

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