Brazilian Portuguese translation of winecfg

Gustavo gugamilare at
Thu Jun 17 19:12:07 CDT 2010

Sorry, wrong list. My mistake.

Em 17 de junho de 2010 20:56, Gustavo <gugamilare at> escreveu:

> Hello,
> I've updated the translation of winecfg in Brazilian Portuguese.
> Making comparisons, I also noted that the "Windows Version" (Versão do
> Windows) drop-down menu disappeared and the Browse...  (Localização:) text
> in the Drives was cut to half when you execute wine with LANG="pt_PT.UTF-8"
> (the Portuguese from Portugal). I've managed to fix that as well.
> So I sent two separate patches: one with the Brazilian translation and
> another with the Portuguese fixes. Let me know if I did anything wrong.
> Gustavo Henrique Milaré
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