Happy Father's Day From CodeWeavers: Get CrossOver Mac for 60% Off (This Weekend Only)

James Ramey jramey at codeweavers.com
Fri Jun 18 17:23:18 CDT 2010

Thank you for your past patronage of CrossOver Mac.  We appreciate your business, and I was hoping to tempt you with an enticing offer to continue supporting our software.  For this weekend only, you can purchase CrossOver (any version) for 60% off the list price.  All you need to do is enter SPECIAL DEAL CODE:  FATHERSDAY   in the Special Deal Box in the cart screen (has to be the cart screen) of the order process.  You'll see the discount applied before you complete your transaction.  It's a quick and easy way to save money on your purchase of CrossOver.


·   A couple of factoids you might want to consider in making this purchase:


·   CrossOver 9.1 is due out within the next 45 days.  CrossOver 9.1 should be an especially good release of CrossOver, and the upgrade to this version is included in your purchase.  


·   CrossOver Mac Professional includes a license for CrossOver Mac Games.  CrossOver Mac Games is now playing many new titles including Star Trek On-line.  If you have an interest in playing games, you may want to consider purchasing CrossOver Mac Professional using the SPECIAL DEAL CODE.


·   All volume and educational discounts are still valid with this promotion.  If you have an educational entitlement, you'll get your educational discount in addition to the SPECIAL DEAL CODE.  Likewise if you purchase more than one license, you'll also get volume discounts.  Again, this SPECIAL DEAL CODE is easy to use and will save you money!!


·   The SPECIAL DEAL CODE expires on Monday, June 21.  Don't wait to buy.  If you're interested, make your purchase now as this special deal is limited to only past customers and only to this weekend.


·   If this SPECIAL DEAL CODE isn't your cup of tea, I understand.  This is the only e-mail that you will receive from me about renewing your support.  You'll receive a nag e-mail or two from our system reminding you to renew your maintenance.  Once those have past, we will not contact you again (ever) unless you have signed up for one of our many mailing lists.  



Finally, everyone at CodeWeavers appreciates your business.  We appreciate your patience as we work to make our software ever better.  We understand that it's not always easy to use our software and that our software doesn't always provide the support you want or need.  We want you to know this and that we are making efforts to make the software better.  Again, thank you.  We sincerely appreciate your support of our software and our efforts to make our software better.


With my best regards,


James B. Ramey
Vice President, Sales
CodeWeavers, Inc.

jramey at codeweavers.com


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