Yagmark and localized Windows

Thomas Heckel thomas.heckel at gmx.net
Tue Jun 22 09:29:04 CDT 2010

Francois Gouget schrieb:
> I tested Yagmark on a Windows XP computer but I hit a snag with the 
> 3dmark 2000 and 2001 tests: they hang on the 'Save As' dialog because on 
> my French Windows XP it is called 'Enregistrer Sous'.
> I checked out the AutoHotKey documentation but they don't seem to have a 
> way to deal with this. Having a gettext-like function in AHK with a 
> built-in library of translations would have been nice.
> But maybe I am missing something. Is this something to handle outside 
> AHK? Did it get solved somewhere else already? (appinstall?)
> Should we be using some other way of identifying these dialogs? Like 
> some resource id or the id of a control it contains?

Hi Francois,

I've dealed with similar problems with appinstall tests and german
localization. I first tried to make generic language switches for system
  dialogues and for the specific application. Austin and Dan finally
pointed out it's better to find ways which are language independent,
i.e. the button number or other dialog parameters.

Maybe it helps you further.


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