Getting into the spirit of things... crosstest

Nikolay Sivov nsivov at
Tue Jun 22 14:37:24 CDT 2010

On 6/22/2010 23:30, Misha Koshelev wrote:
> Dear All:
> As I am waiting for my wine GIT to compile, I have noticed that the
> following link no longer works:
> (from
> for the MINGW WIN32API RPMS)
> I am running Ubuntu 10.04 and will first:
> i) try stock MINGW
> ii) then try to figure it out myself from sources if necessary
Page info is outdated probably. I don't have any problems with Debian 5 
package, as well as I didn't while was using Debian 4.
One problem I got was a libuuid a test was linked to. Now there's no 
tests which import it, and newly added tests should go in without linking
to this lib.
> but if there are any other tips much appreciated.
> Thank you
> Misha

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