Question about video capture and rendering and encoding in wine

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Hi Maarten,

Thanks for reply so soon. Details reply below.

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> Hello,
> I only made it work for msn messenger a long time ago, in 6.2 or so.
> I'm surprised it still works. Only change since then has been adding
> support for libv4l. (v4l2 with v4l1 api)
> Could it be a ddraw/d3d7 failure rather than a wine failure?

Yes, possible. Up to now, I'm sure v4l ReadThread keeps outputing frames,
but I didn't find any related Blt for video preview window, only Blt for
the video of my friends. And there's so many surfaces QQ created, I can
only guess which surface is for preview and remote video from the surface's
DSCAPS and DS_WIDTH/HEIGHT, I didn't find any surface close to
preview video's width and height.

Now since my timestamp modification finally doesn't solve QQ problem,
I'm now checking whether something wrong with ddraw/d3d7.

> Because originally I only wrote it to work with msn messenger 6.2 ;).
> Sort of, I didn't adjust the code for v4l2, however with libv4l it
> should work in linux..
> ~Maarten

Best Regards,


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