Tests for msvcrt

Paul Chitescu paulc at voip.null.ro
Thu Jun 24 03:49:19 CDT 2010


What would be the best way of testing MSVCRT.DLL considering that many 
functions may or may be not present in the native version?

> >  /*********************************************************************
> > + *           getenv_s - not exported in native msvcrt
> > + */
> > +int CDECL getenv_s(size_t *size, char *buffer, size_t bufLen, const char 
> Both getenv_s and _wgetenv_s are exported in native msvcrt.

In older versions of MSVCRT.DLL (XP and earlier, no idea about Vista) these 
functions are not exported. They were added first in Visual Studio 2005 
(MSVCRT80.DLL) and somehow made they way back in MSVCRT.

Using LoadLibrary / GetProcAddress would fail on all older Windows platforms.

It would be possible to test MSVCR80 instead but that may not be installed on 
the tested system.

Any thoughts?

Paul Chitescu

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