sorry guys... slow on uptake today :)

Misha Koshelev misha680 at
Thu Jun 24 22:56:03 CDT 2010

So I've been working on bug 13891, but got sidetracked by what I thought
was a race condition as dlls/shell32/tests/shlexec.c was hanging.

Spent several hours tracing it to line 464 in dlls/ntdll/directory.c

        if (stat( entry->mnt_dir, &st ) == -1) continue;

(read from /etc/mtab)

Turned out it was my curlftpfs file system, which tends to disconnect
randomly and not unmount (doh!).

Anyway I hope to have perhaps some tests for this bug before I leave to
Russia (on Sat morning), but unfortunately I might not be able to get
this bug fixed until post-code freeze. Sorry :(


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