Addition of En resources to non-En resources

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Fri Jun 25 05:08:29 CDT 2010

Paul Vriens < at> wrote:

> >> What we see is that there are several people who want to help us with
> >> the translation part but have no idea how to code (or are actually
> >> willing to code). We could use them, especially for the more exotic (or
> >> let's call it less mainstream) languages.
> >
> > Since when the editing of .rc files started to require coding skills?
> Fine, let's call it editing an up to date file and creating a patch out 
> of that.

Creating an actual patch could be done someone else of course. I'm just
curious, how the result of translating a .po file was supposed to be sent?
Isn't it going to be a patch of some kind in any case?


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